Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hi Bobby here.
Alfie was here before I came as were a few others but John is telling me about them

This is young Alfie he had an accident and had to have a plastic hip so he always stuck his leg out when he sat down.He was adopted by Ann & Chris to live with there other two dogs, Ash & Alfie got on and became great friends straight away.

They have sent a few pictures of Ash and Alfie since they adopted him 21-10-07 this one I think is great Alfie is determined to sleep with Ash even though she is taking most of the bed . Well isn't that just typical well my Bess would not have done that, he doesn't look comfy to me I would want all the bed. John & I thank you Ann & Chris for giving Alfie a great life and keeping us informed of Alfies progress.

Do not forget I need a home myself I am quite nice(sometimes)


happy said...

It's always nice to hear about updates on the dogs that were adopted, isn't it? Alfie is such a handsome fella.

BenTheRotti said...

I must agree with Happy.. Alfie is very handsome!!

Ben xxx