Sunday, 6 April 2008

Whats That


Well yesterday was a funny old day after being dragged out again to please John and it being cold enough to, brass monkeys come to mind. I was cold wet and wanted to be by the fire and he meets a chap on the beach they were chatting away I thought I would never get home.
Then to top it all a walking brush came in last night, well two actually but one went to another foster home.
I did not know what to make of it John told me it was a Yorkie pup it still looked like a mop to me.

Not like my little Bess , Lynne brought her one day and she was a little smasher.
It was love at first sight well on my part the worst thing was I could not hide my feelings my tail would not stop wagging no matter how hard I tried
John said your tail will fall of in a minuet. Bess has lovely tight curls and a gentle face my little heart was thumping..

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Cara said...

Hi Bobby

My dad and big brother Jet saw John and Molly at the book sale.
Dad (kevin) said Molly was lovely.
I would keep an eye on that mop it might do what I did and put on the cute puppy act. I did it and my foster mam and dad adopted me.
Keep an eye on John and Brenda as you know they do a great job for Pawz.