Thursday, 24 April 2008

Well first I would like to say how good I thought Ben looked with his bandanna, I have told him to take no notice of those who think he looks wussy.
I would have liked a nice red one, It would look nice against my white coat, if I ever get a nice home I will ask for one. As I said to Ben If its good enough for John Wayne and the once President of the USA in their movies, then its ok for us boys.

Well I was quite pleased today the Mop got a toilet roll and ran in the room and started to tear it to bits so it got told off HE HE.
Then I got mad again that two faced Molly started playing with the Mop I could not believe it she had all of its head in her mouth and did not shut it when she had the chance.
Yesterday when we were at Backhouse Park we
found a big Black Lab it was lost, the Park keeper was trying to get the dog warden so John took Mollys lead and walked it home while Brenda drove us home. Lynne came and scanned it ,it was chipped so we got a phone No and the lady was pleased to get her dog back and I was glad to see the back of it, the lady could not understand how it had got all the way to the park, but all ended well

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BenTheRotti said...

Thank you little buddy.. i was starting to get a bit paranoid about being a wuss!!

I think a red bandana would look just pawesome on you!!

hahaha lok at Molly and the Mop.. now if I had his head in my mouth............

Ben xxxxxx