Monday, 14 April 2008

Well it has been a bad day John said the mop could come a walk with us today that did not please me.
Then he got ready and wouldn't take it because it was pouring down but he dragged poor Molly and me out so then I was more annoyed it was ok for us to get wet but not the mop, whats a mop for anyway.
Then later today the sun came out and we were going out again and the mop came too its a disgrace its not a lump of sugar it would not dissolve. While we were out I did a gentle little grump at a dog and it turned and did a big grump at me I got such a shock I jumped and hurt my back so I had to be lifted in the car now I have layed on my bed the rest of today. So being called Booby as well has not made my day better. I am going back to bed now Good night


BenTheRotti said...

Oh you are reaffirming your grumpy status I see!!

John made you go out because he knows you are tough and manly and stuff... the mop is just a wussy mop.. did you want to stay home and get labelled a wussy mop? Should he have taken just Molly and then the whole world would have thought a GIRL was tougher than you!!

Mum always says even the littlest grumps lead to trouble (or in your case bad backs!!) so lesson learned?

Hope your back is feeling better soon my little grumpy buddy,

Ben xxxx

taz and all the dogs in need said...

Come on tough guy, have made apologies to John for 1 and 1/2 hours tonight and amended your listing, GET OVER IT, OR< OR< OR the MOP will GET YOU, if he does not, WE HAVE HIS BROTHER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx