Monday, 7 April 2008

HI PIPPA how nice to hear from you all the way from spain you are lucky so much sunshine John and Brenda lived in Benalmadena for five years they told me how hot it was it sounds great, it is so wet here and cold so as you can see if I can get on a chair when the sun shines in I am in heaven. John said there are a lot of animals who need help in spain more even than here.
So I am so pleased that you found two kind Hearts


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bobby and John.

Mum thinks you look very cute in that photograph :)

Mum found this on another website and thought it was very fitting for your blog, it's author unkown.

Kind Hearts.

Kind hearts are the garden
Kind thoughts are the roots
Kind words are the blossoms
Kind deeds are the fruits
Harvest life to the fullest with KINDNESS and LOVE

Ben xxx

Thor said...

The handsome Rott( he asked me to say this!) send me to say hi!
My name is Thor,I´m brazilian and here the weather is sunny! I wish you were here for playing with me!
Your blog is great!


Mack said...

Hi Bobby!
Just sniffing on over from handsome Ben's bloggy to say hi!
What a cool bloggy you have.