Friday, 25 April 2008

Hi, Its me Bobby and I am not in the best of moods, since the Mop could come out with us, it has made my life worse, if that's possible.
I love my squeaky toys, and I take my squeaky ball out with me, and of course the Mop wants it
so it grabbed it then dropped it in to the stream.
The thing is John fished it out and put it up on the bridge the Mop grabbed it, as John was getting back up it put its head over and dropped it in again.

I could not believe it dared to do it again, when John got it out he slipped in so he was walking round the park squelching. I missed my chance to give it a push I was to busy worrying in case I lost my ball.
If Molly's ball goes in she just runs in after it in fact she goes in anyway.
Well when we came back the Mop was running around with a pair of Brenda's pants and that's no mean feat John calls them Granny knickers but these are even bigger. The mop ran behind the sofa with them. Brenda said I have just bought them its a body slimmer anyway it has now chewed a hole in whatever it is, so the Mop got a telling off again.HE HE.

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BenTheRotti said...

Bobby I can't believe you missed an opportunity to give the mop a nudge and send it for a swim, you are slacking buddy!
There will always be another ball.. but a golden opportunity like that may never come along again!
I got a naughty glint in my eye when i read about the mop stealing Brenda's granny pants and running amok with them.. but Mum sussed what i was thinking and i was advised that if i ever pull a trick like that i will be in more trouble than i can imagine... better not then hehehe

Cheer up buddy.. don't let the mop get you down

Ben xxxx