Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bob in the van

Hi, We went to the beach this morning when we came back John was messing with the shed again, I usually go out with him to guard the van, he said I could not because he was getting it ready for tonight we are going fishing. I am not bothered about going but he said he would like me to go to keep him company.

When he shouted for me to go to see what he had done, I was quite happy to be going with him.

There is carpet on the floor, a bed for me and a cupboard, I said what is in there and I was pleased to see my food and some treats in case I get hungry and my bowl and water.

John had a little 12v kettle to make himself a coffee or cuper soup, I am looking forward to going now, he is not taking Pip or Spot just me.
He put the front seat down and made me a nice bed so I could lie by him on the way.

I like our van now with my food and I have a bed in it as well, must go because we are going now
Bye for now happy Bob.


BenTheRotti said...

that is awesome!! I go fishing with Dad. We have a bed for me in the Landy.. and my food and water.. but i don't have a cupboard for my food!! or a posh bed!! .. wow.. and you called it a shed on wheels! eating your words now huh?

and... look who John chose to go fishing with him.. JUST YOU!! see.. I told you that you are special.. and wanted... and loved.. and..

please say you are a Happy Bobby.. at least for today??

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

PeeeS.. Did you check out Ruby yet!! Hubba Hubba.. I will be sooooo jealous if she comes to stay with you!

The Girl said...

Ben is right, Mr. Grumpy. John is taking just you, and he customized the van just for you! You are loved and wanted and good company!

All I've got is a blanket on the car seat because The Girl says I have dirty paws and shed. No special bed for me!

You don't even have to admit it if you're a happy dog... We just hope it's true!

Brown dog kisses,

Achilles Wong said...

wow.. you're van looks amazing.. i wish Ford was equipped with those things too. It would have made travelling more pawsome.

I guess i'll have to wait until the hoomans settles permanently in one area.

drooly kisses,


Anonymous said...

Bobby are you sure john didnt cook and eat the fish when you were asleep.The van looks cool as ice.Next youll be going wild camping wi the mop,spot and Brenda