Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hi,I am sick of today,John made us go out this morning it was so cold and windy, I went to bed again as soon as I came back. Then he woke me up to go to the beach. Pip and Spot were already to go, jumping about and chasing each other. So that gave me a headache and I grumped at everybody, it was pouring down. I said I will wait until the rain stops, John said that could be weeks, come on so we went. Pip was all exited he said I might see the girl, You won;t I said because we were only going to the local beach, so he started moaning on. When we came back John said he was going to foster gold fish and we could all go to dog borstal. I told the Mop we had better be good in the morning. He thinks it does not matter he will go and live with Liz and Brian and have little Pippa as his girl friend.

He is not worth waiting for he can not keep his eyes off the young ladies

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I love this blog - keep up the brilliant work!