Saturday, 18 October 2008

Look close this is me and Spot, you have not seen me lie so near another dog before. John had said he was going to another foster home so I thought I would be kind to him. He went yesterday afternoon so little Pip was missing him today.

Auntie Lynne called last night and brought some food and a "Stomp'r" what is this you might ask, well Pip was already in bed so he got it this morning to take his mind off Spot.
The idea is you stick a little ball in the end and stamp on it, but Pip was not bothered he wanted the thing you stamp on, in between pulling the box to bits

The little ball was stomped out and ignored as he dove for the Stomp'r, when John was taking us out Brenda said are you taking the stomp'r,

John said I am not walking around the park with that people will think it's a mini pee bottle.

Now we all know the ball throwing things ,you can pick the ball up and throw it without bending down, but not with the Stomp'r you have to put the ball in bend to place it on the ground then stamp, now you pick that up and walk on, if you are lucky enough to have your dog return the ball then you have to pick it up, put it in the Stomp'r and repeat the whole process.

I think if John had took it he would not be able to straighten up now, and all the stamping in the park, I can just imagine people watching him from a distance, him bending up and down with a mini pee bottle in his hand then stamping on it.
He probably would have been phoning auntie Lynne to bail him out by now, sorry Lynne but this has got to be the daftest dog toy ever thought of,
the Mop loves it though.

Well just the stamp part.


lebdale said...

thought the mop would like it pity we dont know that it works with a ball though

Anonymous said...

You should have brought it to the park, and gave us a laugh

The Girl said...

At least the thing is good for something!

It was very nice of you to be kind to Spot, Bobby. We're proud of you, to lie so close to another dog!

Brown dog kisses,