Saturday, 25 October 2008

Well it had to happen the Mop grabbed something and ate it quick before John could get it off him, it fell out of a ladies bag it must have been a tablet. He became very sick,so John was going to take him to the vets but after he was sick a few times he seemed to get better, so we went out and he flew about okay.
But I do hope this has taught him a lesson, but I doubt it on the beach he still tries to eat rotten things.
He did feel sorry for himself though.

He is fine today so that's good news yesterday he even did not get told of for chewing Brenda's scarf.


lebdale said...

If you catch your pet in the act of eating something then quick action can make it bring it back up. Unless the poison is corrosive like bleach you can give your pet a dose of mustard, salty water or washing soda crystals to make it sick. Only induce vomiting if it is less than 1 hour after ingestion.

If your pet ate something a while ago, it is too late to make it sick. However feeding your pet a meal of cereal and milk may help absorb some of the poison. Phone your vet for more advice

lebdale said...

it was washing soda crystals

Dannan and The Girl said...

I'm glad to hear the Mop is feeling better, even though I know he is irritating. Maybe he won't be so fast to eat things lying around... ha ha!

Brown dog kisses,