Friday, 10 October 2008

Hi, Pip has been more like his self today so he has forgot about his hair cut,
but I was not very happy, of all the times to go up to Tunstal hill this morning was not the time, the wind was nearly blowing me off my feet, why John took us up there I don't know.
We have not been up there since Pip ate every rabbit Carlings he could find then was sick in the car on the way home.

Spot was enjoying himself running around but it was so windy I kept my head down in case my hair blew away. I am sure one of the two hairs John has left blew away so now he only has one and a nit, I bet the poor thing was hanging on with all its might.

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lebdale said...

just got to say once again I do love your blog it makes me smile and looks like a lot of other people love it too wow look at the jump your stats have