Thursday, 23 October 2008

Here is a little mouth full.

Pip was being his usual chewing self today, he got the wall papering brush, Brenda said I told you to put it away.

I am sick of him just doing what he likes so I went and told him off, he did not care. I could not frighten him.

Then the wind blew a plant pot over in the yard and he ran to John and cried like a baby.

John is always saying I am full of wind so I should be able to scare him.


lebdale said...

tell john to rub vick on the skirting board under where he chews should fettle him

Achilles Wong said...

Is that the new product of McDonalds.

Oh that Mop is such a spoiled pooch. It was nice of John to comfort him during his sissy moments. Hoomans sure are the best!

About that video. Manang and I had a serious talk about her videography skills and she promised NEVER to repeat her foul ups again (she did that 3x already, imagine. She is so used to taking pictures that she carried some of her mannerisms during our video shoot. tsk tsk..

we'll try to post more decent videos next time though :D

drooly kisses,


Dannan and The Girl said...

That Mop is so silly. And why didn't he quake in fear when you told him off? I think you looked quite fearsome.

Brown dog kisses,

happy said...

I think Mop is cute though :-)