Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hi, Well I have been really grumpy today, it started yesterday we were going to the park and John looked through all the coats we had until he found one to fit the Spotty dog, because he shivered when we were out earlier .

So we went to the park it was sunny but cold but it did not matter if I was cold I did not get offered a coat. It is no good giving the Mop one because he runs into the water.
Then we went to the beach and Brenda came and carried the little coat in case Spot got cold, she has never brought one for me, I could freeze my bits off its just not on.

You could never put a coat on the Mop as soon as he sees water he goes in and swims about. I think he shows off because I can not swim, even If I could I think its too cold now.
John tried to stop him but he knows where all the rock pools are and runs to them.
He came out looking like a drowned rat and went up to this great looking girl but she told him he was only good enough to kiss her butt so he did.

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