Tuesday, 21 October 2008

There must be something that attracts the Mop to Shih Tzus there was another girl up the park and he danced and skipped around her making a right fool of him self. I think at first he thought it was the girl from the beach but it was not. That did not bother him he thinks he is Don Juan or something. I thought she would chase him but she started to follow us around the park, I think she liked me really, her owner was going the other way but she turned and walked with us, so the Mop and the girl played until we got to the stream and the daft Mop ran straight in.

He shouted for the girl to go in and her owner nearly had a fit so she put her on the lead and said we must go. John was saying to the Mop it is too cold but he might as well talk to the trees. We have to take a towel and a blanket to wrap him in because he starts to shiver. John has tried coats but he has to take them off they get all muddy and wet.


Anonymous said...

Hi bobby the mop used to play with sasha when he stayed here, so think thats where it comes from liking shitzus.

BenTheRotti said...

I think the Mop is a young stud!! The George Clooney of the doggy world.. hmm but I don't remember George Clooney doing much in the water.. maybe the James Bond of the doggy world.. James Bond likes water doesn't he?

Ben xxx

Achilles Wong said...

Poopie (using brother Aki's account):

hello there bobby! i think the mop has very good taste. Can't blame him for liking such a pretty breed :)

hug hugs,


Dannan and The Girl said...

That Mop! No wonder you're grumpy, Bobby! I'm starting to understand!

Brown dog kisses,