Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hi It was hair cut day today, the Mop did not want to go, John said he had to. He moaned on all morning, he followed John about saying how he likes his hair the way it is. He still had to go, when he came back he was the saddest little thing , he has sulked all the rest of the day.

I was hoping he would be scalped but he just had a trim because its getting cold. He wont even speak to me and I had nothing to do with it.
He is normally a happy little Mop waging his tail all the time, he has gone to bed now so he might be okay in the morning.


Anonymous said...

careful of the groomers, mop can come here for the day and have his hair done, for a donation to pawz, or wine beer and good company, auntie liz and unclue bri

The Girl said...

Oh, Bobby, of course it wasn't your fault! Silly Mop for thinking you had anything to do with it.

The Girl asks could you please pass on to the Mop that she thinks he looks especially cute with his new haircut? Maybe that will help. :/

Brown dog kisses,

BenTheRotti said...

Oh the cruelty! Just as he was beginning to find his hippy roots! I'm sure he will get over it.. nothing a few treats won't cure! I think he should take Auntie Liz' offer up next time though!

Ben xxxxx