Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hi, Playing again, it goes on all the time, then when we go out they don't bother they chase each other a little bit, then the little Spot follows me all the time.

This is like the good the bad and the ugly of course the Mop is the ugly, I am the good so Spot has to be the bad. We were not at the beach long when
the Mop went into the water.

There he was looking like a dirty wet Mop when I saw the girl coming so I shouted him because he has never shut up about her since yesterday. I had said she wanted nothing to do with you. The Mop said it was only because he looked all wet and scruffy, he said he would not go in the water again in case we saw her.
But here he was in the water and here she was coming along looking beautiful If only I was 7 or 8 years younger he would not have a look in.. He ran out and shook himself, well he looked worse than ever.

Me and little Spot walked away he is embarrassing shouting hello darling how about a kiss and chasing after her. Where does he think that will get him, she must think he is a little yob.

Then all at once there she was doing twists and twirls to amuse him, then they danced about together.

She might look great but she is obviously as daft as he is, then she had to go he had asked could he see her again and she just said I will see you around and would not tell him her name.

He was going on all the way home about his broken heart , as soon as we came in he went straight for the bottle and downed it all, he said he was just drowning his sorrow. Stupid little thing.

I bet he has a bad head in the morning.


BenTheRotti said...

a lovestruck drunken mop doing a huzzy pose! he will be featuring in playdog next! I think John needs to take that young whippersnapper in hand before he gets totally out of control and buys a hoodie!

Ben xxxx

taz and all the dogs in need said...

Hey mop what about pippa she is sitting here heartbroken, you two timer. Please be aware sascha will sort you out. We now think Mop spent too much time watching into the peps windows when he was on hols.....