Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hi Well since John told Pip about how he was a Hippy many years ago and how it was all flowers peace long hair and love. Pip has wanted to be a hippy. I said you a hippy don't be daft you are just a scruffy mutt and as far as John goes he has no chance now, long hair HA! he only has two hairs and a nit left on his head.
Pip thinks it suits him he thinks he looks cool, but I know something he does not, tomorrow is the 9th and his hair cut was booked weeks ago, the last time it was cut he sulked for three days. I was about to tell him but John said not to or he might not sleep. I will tell him in the morning daft little thing John will have to tell him about the skin heads after his hair is cut. He! He!


BenTheRotti said...

Wow!! The Mop looks cool as a little hippy dude! was he chilling out to Hendrix?

He will be devastated when you cut his locks off!! Is John just jealous of poor Mop's flowing locks???

Ben xxx

The Girl said...

Oh, I think the Mop looks great as a hippy! If he sulks after his haircut, just let him be... that's what I'd do!

Brown dog kisses,

Anonymous said...

bobby tell mop he can dress up as sid vicious from sex pistols now