Wednesday, 22 October 2008

wall paper

Hi, John had to patch the wall paper again today the Mop chewed it off , this is about the fourth time. He even went and watched John doing it as if it had nothing to do with him, if he had got any closer he would have got stuck behind it.

As John was doing it the Mop did his commando creep and went to bite it, he got told off and warned not to go near it again. He did not look as if he was bothered to me.

Then after we had been out John filled the bucket to wash the car and came in for a coffee, then the Mop came running in, he had put his ball, out of the famous Stomp'r in the bucket and tipped it all over himself getting it out.

When John saw him he said what have you done, and he put his ball down, yet John could say leave until he was blue in the face and he would not put it down normally, so he knew he had done wrong . He is just wet all the time and yet he hates a bath in nice warm water .


BenTheRotti said...

That Mop is just a delinquent.. sheesh I bet John is glad he has got you.. the well behaved, polite, pleasant, agreeable, dog!


Ben xxx

PeeeS.. Mum says you need to get John to mail your address to my gmail (In true Mum style she lost it) and next time she bakes treats she will post some to you. Unfortunatley she can't send you any stinky salmon goodness because it needs to be refrigerated as soon as it cools.. but she will make you some other kind of eatables that will travel.. she says you have to share them with the mop and any other pooches hanging out there at the time.. you can eat them all and just lie about sharing if you like though.. like she is ever gonna know!!

Achilles Wong said...

why does that story seem almost too familiar.. hmm... nah.. i can't remember, so why bother (hehehehe)

the Mop looks pretty sorry. just look at that face. either that, or he is practicing his 'sorry look' pretty hard. we hope John forgave him already though.

drooly kisses,


Dannan and The Girl said...

Hmph. That Mop finds a way to get wet wherever he is. Little pest.

brown dog kisses,