Thursday, 16 October 2008

Grumpy Bobby, We went fishing last night and I had a great time, John was parked by a big lake, he had a little stove and about 2am he cooked a load of bacon. I got some even though it was like all he cooks over done, it tasted really good. Brenda should tell him brown its done black its burnt.
John had the side door open he was sitting on the step and he had a nice warm fire in the van. I kept going out and walking about I could hear things scurrying about, then I fell asleep until John started the van and we were on our way home. I could not smell any fish in the van, we stopped at ASDA and John went in and got some smoked cod. He put them in the fridge, when we got in. Brenda said well are we having fish for lunch, John said yes its in the fridge. Brenda went to look at it saying I hope there are no heads
on, when she saw it she said so did you catch anything, John said yes but I put them back. Now she was pleased about that, I can not understand humans.

Well we all still went to the beach, when we got back the sun was out so I went for my breakfast, and thought I will go and lie in the van in the sun.

I could not believe what I saw and John would not do anything about it, there they were already in and lying on my bed and my seat.

I told them to get out with a big bark but they took no notice, and John said you have been in all night let them have a go.
So I came back in and lay inside, well he can stick his shed on wheels, and I will not go fishing again with him he can take the Mop or the Spot or both I don't care.

Anyway if it was not for Liz's Brian he would not have found the engine yet and he could not open the doors, he is a daft human he would still have been stood looking at it if Brian had not come.


BenTheRotti said...

Uh-Oh.. no need to ask today, you are clearly NOT a Happy Bobby!

You really are a green eyed little beast, but you are so funny with it!

Ben xxxx

Anonymous said...

John is very kind - I hope he keeps you forever

Achilles Wong said...

oh. poor bobby. know how it feels to be dealing with bedgrabbers. They play deaf and are impossible to reason with.

John may have a point though. Maybe they noticed how cool your bed was and wanted to feel for themselves.

Try to forgive them for today, okay? You'd still look dashing in any bed.

drooly kisses,


Anonymous said...

I would watch what I say if I was you, remember John just fosters you. You are a grumpy old dog. He might get sick of you moaning.

The Girl said...

Bobby, just remember that YOU are the dog that John took fishing with him. You're special to John, you know.

Brown dog kisses,