Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hi , We have had this squeaky toy for ages, now its pulled to bits with Spot and the Mop fighting over it. Brenda has been knitting a jumper and guess who got the wool before she noticed, I think he was going to try to knit himself something.

John is still messing about with the shed on wheels I go and lie in it to guard it, I don't mind doing that but I feel ashamed driving about in it. He said he will put a bed in for me and we can go fishing when he is finished, he can go on his own I am not spending all night in that thing.


The Girl said...

I think blue is a very good colour for the Mop!

Bobby, I'm sure that everybody that sees the shed on wheels knows that it is John's taste and not yours! Everybody knows that people pick stuff like that; we doggies just have much better taste!

Brown dog kisses,

Achilles Wong said...

hello there bobby!

thanks for dropping by our bloggie. i'm a little envious that you get to go to the beach and swim ever so often. i love the beach very much and i missed going there since we live in the middle of the city and my manang does not have a car to take me anywhere.

we'd love to add you in our list of friends. we hope it's okay.

do drop by from time to time.

drooly kisses,