Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Hi, We went to the beach this morning and I had to wear my coat it was so cold, so I would like to thank Auntie Linda for the coat, she gave it to me.

The Mop still went in the water so he could not wear a coat. So I chased him about to try to keep him warm.

We went to the park this afternoon, and met a nice new puppy, The Mop thought it was great smaller than him, but she did not like him because as usual he had been in the stream and was soaking. Suzy liked her too but I think the two of them were too much so I stood back and just looked at her. Then John gave her a fuss so the Mop was jumping up I think he was a bit jealous.

We can hear fireworks already the Mop is nearly climbing on Johns head, it will get worse all the time until after Bonfire night and even then it still goes on.


lebdale said...

yes it is get your dog coat out time i feel for the mop as they have such thin coats but they are tougher than they look those yorkies a vet onec said to me when i had two of them (which were found in a sack on hendon beach) that they were designed to amke you worry about them

Dannan and The Girl said...

You were a wise dog, Bobby, to wear your coat. Mop is just a foolish fellow.

Do you have fireworks where you live? Ones that people get to set off on their own? We have that here, and I am very scared of them. I hope they don't bother you!

Brown dog kisses,

Achilles Wong said...

you look really adorable bobby. But we are a wee bit concerned with all the liquors you've been ingesting lately. you seem to be carrying quite a burden in your fluffy little head.

as for the Mop, i think his affection for the water is as hopeless as his affection for shih-tzus *sigh* on the bright side, John gets to save on doggie dresses since the Mop prefers to be naked all the time.. BOL

drooly kisses,


catsmother said...

Who's a smarty pants then Bobby. Don't you look great.