Friday, 17 October 2008

Well today I have had a good laugh, Ben the Rotti is now Jen the Totti in his beautiful dress. It's no good asking auntie Liz for help she called me Booby so she will not care that you now want to wear dresses. It is quite common now and nothing to be ashamed of so don't worry, I will still be your friend you are a nice boy. But Pip is sending e-mails to all the dogs he knows some are laughing but take no notice.

Dolly said they are having a girls night out Saturday if you want to go Jen, now the dummy sucking pom thought it was funny

So did Jack

This nice boy is one of Pips friends he said can he come up and see you sometime.


BenTheRotti said...

Now I'm Grumpy!!

you are supposed to be my buddy and stick up for me.. but you mock me! My heart is broken!

I forgave Mum, she promised to bake me all kinds of yummy treats tomorrow, and is baking peanut bread RIGHT NOW.. now if you had stuck up for me I would have shared.. but since you mocked me .. well..


Ben x

Anonymous said...

Has John been lending his dress out Bobby. Be careful he might make you wear it yet.

lebdale said...

now now Bobby behave or we will have to let Ben know what your original name was before you became a pawz dog Bobby is such a (masculine name)

The Girl said...

Oh, Bobby, poor Ben! He already felt very bad about the dress!

Brown dog kisses,