Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hello, Well the day started out okay we went to Hendon beach early then we went over to Roker and we dropped off some books for the Pawz For Thought book sale. Then we had a run on the beach we came up and there was little Spot with his new foster mam Lucy and her 6 year old daughter. The Mop was delighted to see him I think he was happy to see the Mop they acted daft for a bit, then John said we were going for another walk, so Spot and Alice came with us.

Little Spot and the Mop were pleased to see each other, and Spot enjoyed the beach.

Then the Mop ran into the water as usual

He went into a big wave and came out soaking again.

John's and my ears were ringing when we came back, Alice is a right little chatter box. John said it is better than being all shy and quiet, well maybe.
All was okay until we came back and John said Brenda should go down to Cheshire to see her Mum and Dad before the weather gets bad, so she went so now we will be on burnt sausages again until Brenda gets back.


Achilles Wong said...

wow you guys get a lot of beach time. i am almost green with envy.

The Mop is always getting himself wet, eh? can't blame him though. the water looks beautiful and tempting. i wish i could go there too.

Manang had made arrangements for me to go back to that private beach on November 16. hope everything goes as planned. otherwise, i'd really turn green and squeeze myself into the pc monitor to join you guys.

drooly kisses,


Dannan and The Girl said...

Bah, the Mop is ridiculous. I wonder, will he run into the water in December?

The Girl chatters away at me all the time, so I know what you mean about Alice. Sometimes, all I want is some quiet! And some sausages, those would be good, too!

brown dog kisses,