Monday, 13 October 2008

This squeak Brenda got for me, but I could not work it, so I let the Mop have it. He always knows how to make them squeak, this one you have to hold the right way, anyway he did do it.

He looked really funny walking about with a red nose and mouth squeaking away.
I am not so grumpy today, it has been another sunny day so it put me in a good mood. we still went to the beach a bit too early for me but it was nice
The Mop went in the water and came out with something horrible he picks up anything he is a dirty little thing.

Little Spot loves the beach but he is like me not so keen on the water, Pip knows if we are chasing him for the ball, he runs into the water, and stands there little pest.

Lo0k at this pair they look like butter would not melt but they are little pains


The Girl said...

Ha ha ha! We love the picture of the Mop with the toy in his mouth!

That's also a great picture of you being happy, Bobby! We knew you weren't always grumpy!

Brown dog kisses,

BenTheRotti said...

The Mop looks hilarious with that squeaky!! I will have to get Mum to find my squeaky pigand send it to you, its untouched since I can't stand anyting that squeaks!

OMDog.. Bobby.. are you actually smiling in that photo??
I do believe you are! You'll ruin that reputation as a grumpy git!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx