Monday, 6 October 2008

Well I got up this morning and John was already out, Brenda said he went out at 0530 to the beach, he had took little Spot with him. Me and the Mop got up at 0730. John had gone because there was an oil slick that had come in at Tynemouth and they thought it might spread along the Roker and Seaburn. Lots of birds were covered in oil, Mary had over sixty last night.Donna from the Smugglers and John walked right along but no oil or oily covered birds were found so that was good. When John came back he took us to the park .

The Mop came back looking like a wet rag and John was going on about his hair, next thing Brenda said is that better. Well I nearly wet myself laughing. He had a little bobble in his hair, he was not very pleased, John said if you think I will take him out like that think again.

I had forgotten he had eyes its that long since I saw them, Ben was right he does look like cousin It from the Adams family. He loves his look he wants to be a hippy, he loves to smell the flowers.
We went off to Roker this afternoon to check if any oil had come this far but all was still okay and Donna said there had been no birds brought in. So it does look like it won't come this far.
On the way back in the shed on wheels the Mop saw a little van with flower stickers all over it, so he wants John to stick them all over the shed, well its bad enough as it is but if he does that I will not get in if I never go out again.


BenTheRotti said...

I almost choked on my kibble at the Mops new "do"!! Thats the best laugh I have had all week!

Are you not feeling the love Bobby? Nothing wrong with a bit of Flower Power.. Hippy Love and all that! hehehe


Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

OOOOO mop that is my garden you are smelling flowers in, love pip your girlfriend, ps Ben mam need to visit your site she feels guilty

The Girl said...

Hi, Bobby, sorry we haven't been by in so long! We got behind and we're still trying to catch up.

I'm glad that your friend Mary is helping the birds. It is terrible when oil gets spilled. All the poor birds and fish and other creatures.

I like flowers, they taste great!

Brown dog kisses,